My Postpartum weight loss journey

A journey is a discovery, a challenge and adventure. It brings you face to face with new people, habits and yourself. It makes you strong, experienced, responsible to set your milestones. Your journey is your growth.

This is my journey.

  • What are your goals and timeline? Im 5’8″ (yes im that tall lol).My pre-baby weight – 145lbs, I gained 50lbs during pregnancy and my weight now is 152lbs. I actually surpassed my goal and I’m amazed at myself. I wanted this journey to be a lifestyle so I took it slow. It actually took me about 5 months to loose 38lbs and my goal weight was 155lbs.
  • What is your motivation? Let me tell you a secret. If you a going on whatever journey your biggest motivation should be yourself. You don’t want to do it for societal or peer pressure. So my biggest motivation was my self haha. I didn’t like the way I looked in the mirror and I was so tired of feeling bad so I made up my mind to change it. If it’s in your hands then do it. I pushed myself and I did it and im so proud. My other motivation was my son and husband because I needed to be happy to better take care of them. Learn to love yourself and others will love you.
  • What habits did you change? I changed my eating habits that’s one thing people forget to do. “Abs are made in the kitchen.” I cut out fatty and fried foods, oils, carbohydrate and my best friend sugar. When I tell you this girl here has the sweetest tooth ever. I always say if I can stop eating sugar everyone can haha don’t mind me. When I say sugar I mean no ice cream, juice, cookies. Reduce your intake of pizza, or any junk food. Your meal should consist of 50% vegetables, 30% protein, 10% carbs and 10% fruits and fibre. I worked out 3-5x in a week for about 30mins-1 hour. Now I do less, I admit I’m getting lazy. We have this misconception especially women not to lift weights because we will be so muscular. That is not he case because it depends on how much weights you lift. Its more difficult for women to build muscle than men. And also weight training helps you loose weight even at rest how cool is that. You can do cardio to increase your heart rate but weight train more. You want your skin to be firm. Ok let’s talk about weight training vs cardio for another day.
  • What did you learn from this journey? I learnt to love and accept the changes that came with child birth. You are beautiful no matter how your body is. I learnt to be patient there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. Now I can proudly say I eat healthy and how I look doesnt really matter anymore. Because I eat healthy, my son and husband do too.
  • What advice can you give to others? Consistency is key in whatever you do. Most people don’t see their results because there aren’t consistent enough. You probably the weight in a boat a year so why do you want to take a month to loose it. We get too hard on ourselves and I get it, its human nature. I did too. But just take a step back. Be patient and keep working on your goals. Also remember the scale is just a number. Measure your progress by your strength and how your clothes fit. Feel free to ask me any questions.


What can I say my breastfeeding journey was long and bittersweet. You know I had this idea I was going to exclusively breastfeed for at least six month . Haha I thought it was that easy. Funny enough I even bought storage bags and breast pads which I never used. I put to birth and my baby suckled on my breast for a whole day but nothing. I even spoke to a lactation consultant but she kept giving me hope. I had my first mum guilt when I had to supplement my baby with formula so he could get circumcised.

Fast forward to a couple of days and I still wasn’t producing enough milk to satisfy my baby throughout the day. My baby was literally spending about an hour or more to feed. I tried everything, well not everything but still. I drank lots of liquid, pumped in between feeds and even put a leaf of cabbage in my breast wear and slept with it throughout the night ( this is a life saver, try this and let me know).

I finally started producing JUST enough for him. Funny story, I bought breast pads and storage bags which I didn’t use, but that’s a story for another day. My baby was fed with formula and milk and started solids at four months. This nine months journey taught me patience, alot of it haha. It wasn’t easy moving around with a breast pump as your personal wallet. Best part is I bonded with with my baby, breastfeeding time was our moment. I actually didn’t want to stop breastfeeding but I did. My son was beginning to embarrass me in public lol.

So how was your breastfeeding journey?

Sleep training my 4 month old

I absolutely love my baby but his constant waking up in the night after every 2 hours was killing me. I mean I had already endured it for 4 months and couldn’t wait for when I could sleep for longer hours. So when I went for his 4 month appointment i asked the doctor while he was still waking up after 2 hours to eat and she told me he wasn’t really hungry. He wakes up cause he is used to going to sleep while sucking on my boobs and can’t fall asleep on his own. That’s when I decided to take action.

It can be a little hard to let him cry when he wakes up but its necessary. If you want to train him you got to be a little hard right. So this is what I would do. When he wakes up after 2 hours of sleep and starts crying i would go tap his butt for about 5 minutes, whisper in his ear “I love you” then go back to bed. And do the process till he falls asleep. Tiring right? I know. I got fed up with that so instead, my husband and I moved his bed to his own room and when he wakes up after 2 hours we will just let him cry it out and fall back asleep. That part was hard letting him cry but what helped me was I couldn’t hear him cry most times because he was in his own room. He’s almost 6 months yayy and now when its bed time which is 9pm for him I give him his shower, feed him and put him on his bed. He crys for about 2-5 minutes and then falls asleep.

The love of my whole world 🥰

For 2 weeks now he’s been sleeping through out the night. How cool is that? I couldn’t be happier and proud of him and myself. Now I can get a good night sleep 😎