Sleep training my 4 month old

I absolutely love my baby but his constant waking up in the night after every 2 hours was killing me. I mean I had already endured it for 4 months and couldn’t wait for when I could sleep for longer hours. So when I went for his 4 month appointment i asked the doctor while he was still waking up after 2 hours to eat and she told me he wasn’t really hungry. He wakes up cause he is used to going to sleep while sucking on my boobs and can’t fall asleep on his own. That’s when I decided to take action.

It can be a little hard to let him cry when he wakes up but its necessary. If you want to train him you got to be a little hard right. So this is what I would do. When he wakes up after 2 hours of sleep and starts crying i would go tap his butt for about 5 minutes, whisper in his ear “I love you” then go back to bed. And do the process till he falls asleep. Tiring right? I know. I got fed up with that so instead, my husband and I moved his bed to his own room and when he wakes up after 2 hours we will just let him cry it out and fall back asleep. That part was hard letting him cry but what helped me was I couldn’t hear him cry most times because he was in his own room. He’s almost 6 months yayy and now when its bed time which is 9pm for him I give him his shower, feed him and put him on his bed. He crys for about 2-5 minutes and then falls asleep.

The love of my whole world 🥰

For 2 weeks now he’s been sleeping through out the night. How cool is that? I couldn’t be happier and proud of him and myself. Now I can get a good night sleep 😎

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