What can I say my breastfeeding journey was long and bittersweet. You know I had this idea I was going to exclusively breastfeed for at least six month . Haha I thought it was that easy. Funny enough I even bought storage bags and breast pads which I never used. I put to birth and my baby suckled on my breast for a whole day but nothing. I even spoke to a lactation consultant but she kept giving me hope. I had my first mum guilt when I had to supplement my baby with formula so he could get circumcised.

Fast forward to a couple of days and I still wasn’t producing enough milk to satisfy my baby throughout the day. My baby was literally spending about an hour or more to feed. I tried everything, well not everything but still. I drank lots of liquid, pumped in between feeds and even put a leaf of cabbage in my breast wear and slept with it throughout the night ( this is a life saver, try this and let me know).

I finally started producing JUST enough for him. Funny story, I bought breast pads and storage bags which I didn’t use, but that’s a story for another day. My baby was fed with formula and milk and started solids at four months. This nine months journey taught me patience, alot of it haha. It wasn’t easy moving around with a breast pump as your personal wallet. Best part is I bonded with with my baby, breastfeeding time was our moment. I actually didn’t want to stop breastfeeding but I did. My son was beginning to embarrass me in public lol.

So how was your breastfeeding journey?

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