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10 Reasons why I love being a mom

Motherhood just completes me. There’s something about being a mom you don’t get to understand till you there. It’s harder somedays than others but it’s amazing and so rewarding. And I just want to say to all the women out there looking for the fruit of the womb, I continue to pray for you. For … More

My Postpartum weight loss journey

A journey is a discovery, a challenge and adventure. It brings you face to face with new people, habits and yourself. It makes you strong, experienced, responsible to set your milestones. Your journey is your growth. This is my journey. What are your goals and timeline? Im 5’8″ (yes im that tall lol).My pre-baby weight … More

How to know he is the one

First of I want to say every love story is different. While some people are going to have the fairy tale love were they meet and know the same day this is the one for me, others don’t. Most people actually became friends or don’t even like each other at the first instant but end … More

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