In November 2018, my husband texted me on WhatsApp because we were miles apart. He was in the USA and I was in Cameroon we had never met before. Before that he had texted me on Facebook but I wasn’t using facebook frequently so I didn’t see it. Funny fact I saw his text after I came to the US to join him. So after he texted me on WhatsApp I didn’t reply because I didn’t know who it was. His aunty needed to call me and let me know who he was.

We started texting and instantly clicked. Mind you I had a serious relationship going on at that time but I wasn’t sure I wanted to get married to the guy. We talked and talked and one day he called me. Funny enough we had been texting for a while but never spoken. He called me and he told me he’s in love with me and wants to get married to me. I was shocked to the core, I asked him questions like do even know me? What are you talking about? You not serious.

Fast forward to March 2018 he came to Cameroon for two and a half weeks, we got to know ourselves better and knew we wanted to be together. I later came to the USA in August we got married and started building our lives. My story is not the usual fairytale story but it’s my favorite story.