Ok y'all my pregnancy was kind of a 
surprise for my husband and I.
I mean we wanted kids eventually but
not then. It was actually 5 months
after we got married that I found out
I was pregnant. Fun fact 'I went to
the hospital for my general checkup and I came back with a positive pregnancy test, hahaha.' I had a chilled pregnancy. The first
trimester was kind of stressful with
the nausea, morning sickness,
tiredness and overall just watching
your body change was amazing.
The second was the easiest i would
say and the third semester was hard
for me I had difficulties in
breathing, with extra stretching of
my belly which resulted in stretch
marks. Finally my baby came 9 days
after my due date. Mommas out there
you know how hard it can be when you
waiting for your due date and it
comes late right?