Did I tell you guys i’m pregnant? Ohh I am. We are expecting baby number 2 and I couldn’t be happier. There’s something different about this pregnancy though. I learned to love myself more. I just want to give you some of my thoughts on self love during pregnancy.

  • Be kind to yourself. Keep your eye on the prize. Do you realize you are forming a whole human in just 9 months? Then you will realize it’s a gift and all the changes that comes with it, was worth it.
  • Give yourself positive reinforcement. Love your weight gain, stretch marks, saggy boobs, swollen face, darker skin and know there is going to be a reward when you see the face of your little baby. We all make sacrifices in life to get what we want, so just think of this as a little sacrifice. Look at yourself in the mirror everyday and tell yourself how proud you are of you. That you are beautiful.
  • Maintain a healthy diet. As a pregnant woman myself I know all the cravings that come with being pregnant. But there is something nourishing about feeding your body good food. know it isn’t just for yourself but your baby as well. I’m not saying do not satisfy your cravings once in a while i’m all in for giving yourself some grace during pregnancy.
  • Stay active. There is a great myth that pregnant women shouldn’t work out during pregnancy. That’s so false and just be sure to speak to your doctor about the level of exercise that’s appropriate for you. Staying active during pregnancy can help you have a more comfortable pregnancy. it reduces the risk of complications. Goin for walks, swimming or even moderate-intensity aerobic activities is good for you and most importantly help builds your core.
  • Stop comparing yourself with other women. Know that each pregnancy is different as well as each individual.
  • Take beautiful pictures to document your journey. That’s something I didn’t do with my first baby and I regret. When you look back at the pictures you will be able to tell yourself you did that.
  • Surround yourself with people that make you happy. People that contribute positively towards your mental growth.
  • Still do your self care routine. Take a warm bath with scented candles and flowers. Oil your belly daily. You deserve a me time. Don’t be so busy you forget about the most important thing which is you.
  • Most importantly be more prayerful and never forget to appreciate God for this great gift.

I really hope you enjoyed this. Tell me how do you love yourself more pregnant or not?

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